Snack basket Approximately once a month, you will provide snack for your child’s class.  Each month a new snack calendar will be sent home in the white envelopes and posted on this website.  This calendar will tell you what the sound of the week is (Monet & Van Gogh).  It will also inform you of other activities and events scheduled for the month. You can also access this calendar online by using the Parent Login page.

Suggested snacks include but not limited to: fresh fruits/vegetables, cheese slices/sticks, cheese and cracker sticks, washed fruit (not peeled), assortment of any crackers, breakfast bars, pretzels, muffins, bagel and cream cheese.  We ask that you keep in mind to make it “healthy and low in sugar and sodium:, such as no doughnuts or cookies or salty items like potato chips and processed foods like cheese nibs and processed cheese.

Also, please do not send in any items that contain peanut and other nuts, meat or raisins.

These items are highly allergenic or dangerous for the young.  Some families only eat kosher meats, therefore, meat and animal shortening is included in the list of items not to include in the snack basket.  We thank you for providing healthy snacks for the children!

Snack Suggestions:

  • Fruit (Apple, Bannana, Pear, Melons, Seedless Grapes – cut in half, etc.)
  • Vegetables (Broccoli florets, Celery, Grape Tomatoes – cut in half, Baby Carrots – Matchstick Slices, etc.)
  • Cheese Cubes
  • Pretzels
  • Organic Crackers (Rice, Whole wheat, Honey)
  • Muffins