MWS Author’s Night – April 15th!

Authors Night Information:

Friday April 15th 2011

Barnes & Nobel

South Orange Blossom Trail

Just like any famous author, the authors from the Van Gough and Monet rooms will be reading their books to the public on Friday April 15, 2011. We will meet in the childrens area at Barnes and Nobel on South Orange Blossom Trail by the Florida Mall.

We have 36 readers and the area is small, we will be inviting you to attend in small groups at a given time slot during the evening. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to listen to the group before your child reads. You are welcome to leave after the group your child is reading with has finished.

Siblings, grandparents and friends are all welcome.

Thank you,

Mrs. Kaufmann & Mrs. Bernazar.

Group 1 (5:30 PM)

Jibran, Jimmy, Aleeza, Wyel, Amy, Ian

Group 2 (5:40 PM)

Aariz, Adrian, Mareka, Nyla, Jaylene, Luciano, Noah

Group 3 (5:50 PM)

Mustaeen, Marwa, Sophia, Katie, Lina, Leilani

Group 4 (6:00 PM)

Sami, Mazz, Mareka, Ayeasha, Nicolas

Group 5 (6:10 PM)

Simra, Rafeal, Steven, Jason, Aarav, Axel

Group 6 (6:20 PM)

Vandana, Omar, Camila, Mia, William, Eesa