It IS Easy Bein’ Green

SONY DSC                     Kermit the Frog had it all wrong.  It is easy bein’ green and you can raise green for the school too!  You may have noticed by now a big green and yellow recycling bin near the dumpster at Montessori Way School.  This has been placed here in an effort to not only become more earth conscious but also to help raise funds for the school.  So, all those extra papers you have been trying to rid yourself of have a place; IN THE BIN!  Just bring your papers anytime during the week; such as while your waiting for the pick-up line in the afternoon or perhaps while dropping off in the afternoon. Once the container is completely full the company will arrive and weigh it and MWS will receive a percentage of the proceeds, then we start all over again.   See?  Easy.

There is just one simple rule though.  This is a bin for clean paper recycling only, in other words no food containers such as pizza boxes. 

Here are some items that CAN go in the bin:

Newspapers, magazines, office papers, school papers, mail and catalogs

Here are the items that CANNOT go in the bin:

Plastic, glass, metals and trash.

So, with the slightest effort in sorting we can all easily become a bit greener while helping Montessori Way School at the same time.  Green looks so good on you!