Primary: ages 3 – 6

The Montessori system allows your child to build upon his/her experiences each year. In the first year, the days are filled with activities centered around Practical Life where he learns to sweep the floor, polish silver and clean plants. He experiments with sensorial materials, plays vocabulary games and participates in group activities. The child is then introduced to sounds and symbols which lay the groundwork for reading and writing. She is introduced to numbers, the decimal system, land and water forms, and countries of the world. she learns about the parts of plants and animals and about music and art – at her own pace, in her own time. During his third year (the traditional kindergarten year) everything comes to fruition for your child. Reading, writing and mathematical understanding blossom from the seeds that were planted in the last two years. The child leaves the program with a strong set of academic and social skills, and the attitude that learning is fun and exciting.

Elementary: ages 6 – 12

The Montessori Elementary is built on the foundations of the Primary. Elementary students study both broadly and deeply, covering many subjects not attempted in traditional schools.  The children often develop expertise in a subject that is especially interesting to them. 

Because there is not a rigid schedule or prescribed curriculum that the whole class must follow, the child can focus on her self-chosen work, with minimal interruption. Elementary children are also driven to be social and to stimulate their peers with new  ideas, and thus tend to work in pairs or groups at times. They also collaborate with the teacher to ensure that the basic skills for each grade are mastered. The Montessori teacher models and supports constructive and respectful problem-solving.

Designed around the children’s natural cognitive abilities, the elementary program focuses less on the facts and concepts that are taught and more on what the children learn and how they learn it.

Enrichment programs

Our Montessori program is further enhanced by special activities such as Music, Chess, Art and Foreign Language. Our children get a chance to work with trained professionals and master the skills they are taught during enrichment classes that take place every week.