BAKE SALE – Huge Success


Bake Sale Front Building

This year Montessori Way School Bake Sales was a huge  success.

THANK YOU!  I would like to take a  moment to thank all the parents and students for there hard work and delicious baked goods and for volunteering there time to make sure that this year bake sale was a huge success.

We had Hot Coffee, juices, Pancakes, Muffins, Lemon Cake, Cookies, Trail Mix, Popcorn Balls, and all the other baked goods.  The Pop cakes and the Chocolate chip croissant was a huge success.   The parents made all the morning baked goods and the students made all the afternoon baked goods.

Bake Sale Back Building

The money that was generated from the bake sale will go toward getting our sign for the front building.

Thank you again Montessori Way Family!