Art From Around The World!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso

The children are working hard every week on there amazing art.

This year the theme  is “Art From Around The World”.   Every month will be an opportunity for all students to come in contact with different forms of international art.  The purpose is for them to expand their perspectives and knowledge about art from other countries.  Since art class is only once a week, only four countries will be selected.




Landscapes: Observing a model and recreating it with one’s personal’s touch using ink and acrylic paint for its flexibility.

Clothing: Kimono is the Japanese traditional clothing.   The children will be using real pieces of cloth to


reconstruct the kimono.  For younger students the pieces of cloth will be cut and shaped.






Moroccan fountains: This class will be mostly collage using colorful construction paper, a model of the traditional Moroccan fountain will be presented, however; the placement of shapes and color will be left to students.

The students will be asked to create a painting using only dots, based on the most known painting of the French George Pierre Seurat “Sunday Afternoon” who used the dot method in most of his work.

Indigenous art: is one of the most famous forms of art in Australia; students will be given few paintings to introduce the concept of this form of art, then will be remaking their own vision of indigenous art using acrylic paint.

Stay tune for information regarding the Art Exhibition and Science Fair.